TOD 2019 – A Year In Review

The Oriental Dialogue, India’s premier Chinese language institution has had an action-packed 2019! From after school sessions to corporate trainings, we have done it all. 

Since it is the tail-end of 2019, we thought we’d do a small round-up of all our activities this year. So, let’s dive into our TOD 2019 – A Year In Review blog.

  • Classroom and Virtual Classroom Batches

This year we conducted a sum-total of 50 successful batches through our physical classrooms as well as virtual classrooms. Our students came from different walks of life – from engineers to college-goers to managers. These batches ranged from beginners level to HSK 4, allowing students to master Chinese with our guidance. 

We added 400 new faces to our pool of TOD students! Our family has grown by leaps and bounds this year. Not just this, TOD is proud to inform you that more than 60 of our students have scored an average of 90% marks in HSK exams.

  • School Level Associations

TOD has tied-up with Jumpstart Pre-schools in Pune to provide year-round Mandarin education to children in the age group of 2-5. Not just the children but the parents are enjoying watching their kids learn a whole new language in a fun and engaging manner. 

We are also conducting NIE sessions with Dastur School in Camp, Pune and workshops at the Gyan Adab Centre in KalyaniNagar.

  • Corporate Training Sessions

Over the years, TOD has pioneered customized corporate training sessions for different companies catering to their unique needs. This year we organized Chinese language trainings for – 

  1. Yoozoo Games
  2. Ratnarup
  3. Expert GS
  4. Jabil
  5. Flame University

Our corporate clients are happy to be associated with our highly skilled trainers and us. 


  • TOD Events

The Oriental Dialogue is a dynamic institute. We believe that Mandarin education is never limited to books, we want our students to experience the culture of China through us. 

In 2019, we orchestrated multiple events that exposed our students and patrons to hitherto unknown aspects of China and its culture. We had sessions on Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese slangs, Pop music culture of China, Chinese tongue twisters, Chinese movie sessions and Nunchaku session. 

Apart from these culture-oriented sessions, we also had vocational workshops such as – ‘Using Translation Software Tools’ with Rian, Scholarships at Chinese Universities and Understanding Taiwan and China. 

Our highlight was, of course, our one-of-a-kind event “A Date With China”. This Date was an experiential journey through the Chinese heritage and culture filled with activities and adventure.

  • Student Achievements

We are an educational institution and our Year In Review is therefore incomplete without us bragging a little bit about our awesome students! We are truly blessed with hard-working and sincere students who are out there doing amazing stuff with some help from us. 

This year our star student Yogish Kale who is studying at the Shanghai Theatre Academy won the second prize in the international Chinese Bridge Competition. He was rewarded with an all-sponsored trip to Beijing to be a part of the world-level Chinese Bridge Competition. Additionally, Yogish was a participant in a 10-day summer programme in Beijing.  

TOD’s student Erika Doulton received the first prize in the Air China competition. The competition rewarded her with a round trip ticket from Mumbai to Beijing and back! 

We always encourage our students to participate in homestay projects that happen in different parts of China. Homestay Projects allow students to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and understand the language even better. In 2019, Rushika Hemade, Priyal Mehta, Erika Doulton and Poonam Dhongade went to the International Summer Camp for Students at Xi’an University. While Apoorva Kulkarni was a member of the Jinhua Homestay Project in China. 

Currently, TOD’s Yogish Kale, Purva Sethi and Anuja Jambhekar are pursuing higher education in Chinese Universities. 

We are immensely proud of all our student achievers.

That’s a wrap on our 2019 – A Year In Review blog.

Happy New Year! 

  • Team TOD