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BatchHoursDateTimeFees (Inc. taxes)


Beginners'Sat & Sun30 hrs

30th Sep - 26th Nov

2 PM to 4 PMINR 9,440


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Classroom/ Virtual

Level 1

Sat & Sun

60 hours

5th Aug - 3rd Dec

12:30 PM to 2:30 PM


Level 2

Sat & Sun

60 hours

1st July - 2nd Dec

10:15 AM to 12:15 PM



Fees are inclusive of all taxes and material. Material will be shared online. With hectic schedules, we understand that it can get difficult to stay on top of learning a new skill. If you miss a few classes, lack clarity on any concepts, or simply want to revise before the next level, you can attend any of our ongoing batches for up to a year from your registration. To ensure nothing stops you from learning, these sessions will be free of cost for you.

Holidays: 2022- 2023



30 hours, INR 9,440 (Inc. taxes)
In the beginners level, students learn to understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and basic phrases. They learn to introduce themselves and ask and answer questions about personal details. Students learn how to read and write Kanji (Japanese characters). The romanisation of Japanese characters is used to bridge the gap and make the transition easier.

Level 1

60 hours, INR 14,160 (Inc. taxes)
In Level 1, students learn to construct sentences and frequently used expressions relating. They can describe their wants and needs and communicate to perform simple tasks.

Level 2

60 hours, INR 14,140 (Inc. taxes)
In Level 2, students can communicate simple and routine tasks requiring direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. They can describe their background and immediate environment

Level 3A onwards

60 hours, INR 18,800 (Inc. taxes)
Levels 3 and 4 are divided into 2 parts, each consisting of 60 teaching hours. Levels 5 and 6 are divided into 3 parts of 60 hours each. Contact us for details


30 hours, INR 9,440 (Inc. taxes)
The Japanese-Language Proficiency Test evaluates and certifies the Japanese-language proficiency of non-native speakers. The JLPT is open to all non-native Japanese speakers. The exam sections include listening, reading, vocabulary, and grammar. The JLPT has five levels with N5 being the easiest and N1 the most difficult. The prep course includes exercises and mock tests for the chosen JLPT level.

Why Learn Japanese?

Over 130 million people all over the world speak Japanese, making it the eighth-most spoken language. Japan is the third-largest economy by GDP and offers a multitude of opportunities for people from all over the world.

Currently, trade between Japan and India is at an all-time high, resulting in an increased demand for Indians who can speak Japanese. Japanese companies are always on the lookout for interpreters and translators. Jobs involving the Japanese language are also well-paid. In many Indian schools, Japanese is being offered as a second language

At TOD, we follow the curriculum prescribed by the Japan Foundation. The aim is for learners to be able to take communicate in Japanese in a variety of real-life situations. We integrate listening exercises into our coursework to help students get accustomed to native Japanese speakers. Since the Japan Foundation curriculum has been developed to be practically useful in different educational contexts around the world, its vocabulary is regularly updated to incorporate newer terms. 

Our courses are broken down into palatable levels with JLPT preparatory classes for those interested. If you’d like to know more before signing up, join us for a free demo session to get a feel for our classes. 

For levels 3A and above, contact us for batches.