Corporate Training

At The Oriental Dialogue, we conduct workshops for groups of corporate professionals that are tailored to meet specific learning requirements.

For professionals travelling internationally

When professionals travel outside for work, business is conducted in English or with an interpreter. However, outside of the office, it is necessary to know a few important language skills that come in handy. This workshop teaches participants the basic language skills required to travel in another country. We cover cultural norms and etiquettes and basic negotiation skills.

For Indians who communicate with international counterparts: 

Often, professionals in India are tasked with communicating with their international counterparts. This leaves a communication gap even when done in English since their methods are different than the ones we are used to.  This workshop covers small talk, holding simple conversations, decoding emails, writing emails, and bridging other communication gaps.

For professionals moving to another country:

This workshop is aimed towards corporate professionals who need to move for longer periods of time, often with their families. It covers language skills required in everyday life, cultural norms and etiquettes, and information about schools and healthcare systems.

For sector-specific training: 

In technical fields, complete knowledge of the language is not required. Professionals only need to be able to read and understand specific vocabulary that relates to their fields. This workshop teaches vocabulary commonly used for specific technical fields.

All corporate workshops are entirely customisable; we work with you to develop a syllabus suited to your needs. To enquire and schedule a workshop at your company, get in touch with us

The Oriental Dialogue’s specialised corporate language and cultural training programs have been dedicated to providing high-quality, customised training solutions to help businesses succeed in global markets.

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