About Us

The Oriental Dialogue

The Oriental Dialogue is a language institute teaching students for over 10 years. We started off with Survival Chinese courses for businessmen travelling to China for work. Soon, we introduced Mandarin Chinese and Korean classes for learners of all backgrounds with a simplified curriculum.

Now, we offer virtual and in-person classes for Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. We also conduct training programs for corporates and courses for ch

Our main centre is located in the vibrant city of Pune. Our team consists of Chinese language experts who hold certifications from the best universities in China. The teachers at The Oriental Dialogue have lived in China for work and education, thus giving them insights into the culture, the language and the thinking of Chinese people.

Our courses have been devised and structured keeping the Indian learner in mind. They are uniquely constructed for all age groups and range from Beginners’ to Advanced levels. Our study material is concise yet fun and engaging. Our multi-dimensional books have games, activities, audios, relevant videos and exercises.

How we teach

Korean, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese are languages that are usually considered complicated to learn. Our courses are structured specifically for Indian learners. There are quite a few similarities between our native Indian languages and the foreign languages we learn. We make the most of this to explain sentence structures and grammar.

Each course is split into levels, from beginners to advanced, and tailored for all age groups. We carefully curate our study materials for each level to ensure the course is concise, engaging, and informative. 

Apart from textbooks, we use online quizzes, flashcards, and games during our classes. We use conversational exercises and relevant videos to teach students about the spoken language and the culture. 

Outside of our standard courses, we offer preparatory courses for students appearing for International exams like JLPT (Japanese), HSK and HSKK (Chinese), and TOPIK (Korean).

Our trainers are highly skilled and most of them have visited China, Japan, and Korea to gain an understanding of the culture and local practices. We aim to impart as authentic an experience as possible and equip our students to thrive within their chosen language.

meet the team

Aditi Kothekar


Aditi Kothekar is the founder of The Oriental Dialogue and a language enthusiast. She speaks 7 different languages and enjoys figuring out how to simplify them for new learners. She started learning Mandarin Chinese in 2006 and moved to China to study a few years later. When she realised that Chinese courses in India were not designed for Indian learners, she developed a specialised curriculum and started teaching short courses for Indian businessmen travelling to China.

Aditi enjoys travelling and immersing herself in local cultures. She loves meeting new people and getting to know them. She is an entrepreneur at heart, always coming up with new ideas. Aditi has also founded 2 other language schools — Speak Marathi and Speak Sanskrit. 


Mandarin Trainer
Akshata is the backbone of the TOD team and one of our senior-most trainers. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in International Trade, she began learning Chinese in 2016. Akshata has a penchant for languages and also teaches Marathi to learners from all over the world.


Mandarin Trainer
Teaching helps Deepa analyze a language from a different perspective and connect with people from different backgrounds. She aims to bust the myth that Mandarin is a complicated language to learn. She absolutely loves anything to do with food – making, eating, and writing about it!


Mandarin Trainer
Rujuta has been teaching at TOD since 2017. She enjoys the student interactions that come with teaching and finds satisfaction in knowing that she is making a difference in people’s lives. Rujuta also teaches Marathi to learners, and her happy place is when she’s painting, crafting, travelling, or reading — depending on her mood!


Mandarin Trainer
Sanhita has been a Mandarin trainer at TOD since 2018. She loves interacting with her students and is intrigued by the different ways in which each one approaches a new language. Sanhita is a music buff and a phenomenal singer who also enjoys travel and good food.


Korean Trainer
Nikita decided to learn Korean since she was drawn to Korean culture and its influence. She wants to be able to speak like a native and pass on her knowledge to her students. Her friends call her the Wikipedia of Korean culture! Nikita also runs her own branding and marketing firm.


Korean Trainer
Siddhi started learning Korean when she thought subtitles weren’t doing justice to her favourite Kdramas. As a language trainer, she loves showing her students easier ways to understand concepts. She is a polyglot, currently learning French and Japanese, and enjoys reading novellas in her free time.


Italian Trainer
Saloni’s love for travelling has taken her around the globe. While in Italy, she fell in love with the language because of its rich heritage and learnt it from the locals. She wants to introduce others to the culture and language she adores.


Japanese Trainer
Sayali started learning Japanese almost 10 years ago when she started to be fascinated by the coexistence of traditional and futuristic values in Japanese culture. For her, teaching is another form of learning. Sayali enjoys reading, singing, and photography


Korean Trainer
Payal started learning Korean after she became obsessed with Kdramas. She thoroughly enjoys teaching and tutors students for German and English as well. Reading fiction is Payal’s favourite hobby.