TOD x Speak Marathi


Level 1

20 hours, INR 9,440 (Inc. taxes)
Students learn to introduce themselves, greet and enquire about others, ask for things, and discuss likes and dislikes. They learn nouns and their genders, adjectives, and commonly used verbs. By the end of this level, students are able to construct simple sentences and understand Marathi in daily situations.

Level 2

20 hours, INR 9,440 (Inc. taxes)
Students learn to tell the date, days of the week, and time. They can hold conversations while shopping, talk about the weather, give directions, order food, and make small talk. Students can also construct sentences with different structures and grammar patterns and understand more complex sentences.

Level 3

20 hours, INR 9,440 (Inc. taxes)
Students learn to construct and understand complex sentences, understand nuances and hold conversations with native speakers.

Speak Marathi and The Oriental Dialogue have partnered to bring spoken Marathi classes closer to home! We’re now offering Marathi classes at our classroom in Pune as well as virtual classes for learners across India.

Speak Marathi is a sister language school of The Oriental Dialogue. It offers classes to students who want to learn to speak Marathi better. Speak Marathi was created to offer to bring non-Marathi speakers closer to their Marathi families. Through virtual classes, Speak Marathi teaches learners of all ages and nationalities and uses a language to strengthen bonds.

Learn more about Speak Marathi’s vision and methods.

Being able to converse in Marathi is a valuable skill, especially when you live in a Marathi-speaking area. These courses are conversation-oriented and the focus is on learning to speak fluently in everyday situations. We use a romanization of Marathi while teaching instead of Devnagari. Learners who are not fluent in reading Devnagari can learn to speak Marathi with ease.