Student Experience: Xi’an Exchange Programme

Post by: Ms. Rushika Hemade

你好西安。。。我们来了!This is what we said for every group photo until the 10th day! The excitement of 1st day was filled with lots of love and happy memories in these 10 days. Having Chinese volunteers and participants from places like Kazakhstan, Africa, Spain, Pakistan, USA, Brazil and Thailand, it was a like a cultural/language Party. Because of linguistic differences, we had tones of funny moments. Participants ranged from 15-50 years and it was fun to know their life stories. Remembering names was a big-big task. But soon, we all started roaming on the streets of Xi’an, playing cards, taking tones of pictures and WeChatting!

We were well received by the Chinese volunteers and teachers. Everyone did their best see our comfort and safety. We visited The City wall, Museums of Stone Tablets, Tangbo Art museum and Yisushe Theatre. We tried our hands on the Chinese musical instrument Guqin, The Tea ceremony, Calligraphy, Tai chi and Archery. The best day for me was in Mount. Zhongnan Village. We wore Traditional Dresses, played Treasure Hunt. On the same day we also did some adventurous water sports. Every single day was different and I loved it!

Besides the touristy things, I also tried out Clubbing, having a facial done at a salon, stepping into a wrong bus, trying out delicious Chinese street food, clicking pics with numerous Chinese aunties and visiting schools.
When the last day approached, the heart was already heavy, tears were rolling and it was time to bid goodbyes. The closing ceremony of full of hugs, exchange of gifts and goodbyes! For me Xi’an Summer camp was just the best one! We experience China beyond the books and I definitely want to visit it again.