Breaking the Ice: Weather Vocabulary in Chinese


In many Mandarin-speaking cultures, discussing the weather is not just a mundane topic but a polite and culturally appropriate way to start a conversation. Whether you’re greeting a new acquaintance or engaging in small talk, having a grasp of weather-related vocabulary in Chinese (天气 – tiān qì) can be incredibly useful. Let’s dive into some essential weather terms and phrases:

Seasons in Mandarin:jijie_seasons

  • 季节 – jì jié – Seasons
  • 秋天 – qiū tiān – Autumn (Sep to Oct)
  • 冬天 – dōng tiān – Winter (Nov to Mar)
  • 春天 – chūn tiān – Spring (Apr to May)
  • 夏天 – xià tiān – Summer (Jun to Aug)


Weather Vocabulary Words:

  • 天气 – tiān qì – Weathertianqi_weather
  • 热 – rè – Hot
  • 冷 – lěng – Cold
  • 晴天 – qíngtiān – Sunny
  • 阴天 – yīntiān – Cloudy
  • 下雨 – xiàyǔ – Rain
  • 下雪 – xiàxuě – Snow
  • 刮风 – guāfēng – Windy
  • 温度 – wēndù – Temperature

Weather Phrases in Chinese:

  • 今天天气怎么样? – Jīntiān tiānqì zěnmewendu-temperature yàng?- How’s the weather today?
  • 今天天气很好 – Jīntiān tiānqì hěn hǎo – The weather is nice today
  • 今天是晴天 – Jīntiān shì qíngtiān – It’s a sunny day today
  • 今天下雨了 – Jīntiān xiàyǔ le – It’s raining today
  • 今天有风了 – Jīntiān yǒu fēng le – It’s windy today
  • 今天多少度? – Jīntiān duōshao dù? – What’s the temperature today?
  • 现在温度是多少?- Xiànzài wēndù shì duōshao? – What’s the temperature now?

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Understanding weather vocabulary in Chinese is not only practical for everyday conversation but also serves as a gateway to deeper cultural understanding. Start incorporating these phrases into your conversations and watch as you effortlessly break the ice with Mandarin speakers.