India-China: The Asian Giants Taking On The World “Together”

For a very long time, the western continents dominated development and economic growth. But if you open any newspaper or research paper today, they’ll tell you that the next century belongs to Asia. If there ever was a right time to be alive in the world’s largest and most populous continent, it is NOW!

There are two Asian countries that are at the forefront of this dynamic, evolving picture – India and China. Fortunately for us, we are already citizens of one great nation, while the other is our neighbour. Add to this the increasing understanding between our two nations about the need to complement each other’s growth strategies and what you get is a $100 billion trade partner!

China is known to the world for it’s manufacturing prowess. It is a global hub that exports billions of manufactured goods that range from smartphones, automobiles, computers, heavy machinery, furniture to everyday items like clothes, cutlery and even combs! Very few countries on the planet can claim to have such a huge spectrum of manufacturing industries.

The Chinese government led by President Xi Jinping has been encouraging Chinese industrialists to invest and expand beyond its land borders. While our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is actively working towards bringing in more FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) for India. The Indian government has created a dedicated wing to help Chinese companies with their investments and set-up needs.

All of these positive steps have ushered in a new era for India-China bilateral trade relations. We now have Chinese investments in almost all of our major states and cities. Companies like Oppo, Vivo, Haier, Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation, XINDIA Steels Ltd., Huawei Technologies and TCL are prime examples of cross-border industrial success stories.

Recently the Chinese Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (CASME) acquired 200 acres of land in Ahmedabad district to develop a Chinese Industrial Park in Gujarat. The park is projected to house automobile manufacturers, steel and electric companies within its vast premises.

But this is just one side of the story, the other interesting aspect is India’s investment in China. Our home-grown multi-million dollar industries have also been investing heavily in China. Adani Global, Jindal Steel and Power, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Godrej and Boyce and Aurobindo Pharma are Indian companies with a strong manufacturing presence in China. According to a recent survey by Indian Companies in China 39% Indian companies plan to invest more in China this year. More than 2/3rds of the survey respondents stated that running a business in China has been a profitable decision for them.

When you weave these strands of information together what you essentially see is growth opportunities, interesting career choices and a chance to feature in this new era of the India-China symbiotic success story!

The Oriental Dialogue is an institute that is passionate about two things – the Chinese language and helping our students in charting a new career path via Mandarin. Hence, we hope this blog shed a little light about the amazing new opportunities that could be coming your way because of your command over the Mandarin language.