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Fees are inclusive of all taxes and material. Material will be shared online. With hectic schedules, we understand that it can get difficult to stay on top of learning a new skill. If you miss a few classes, lack clarity on any concepts, or simply want to revise before the next level, you can attend any of our ongoing batches for up to a year from your registration. To ensure nothing stops you from learning, these sessions will be free of cost for you.


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Beginner's Level

30 hours, INR 9,440 (Inc. taxes)

Level A1

60 hours, INR 12,000 + GST

Level A2

60 hours, INR 14,160 (Inc. taxes)

Level B1

60 hours, INR 14,160 (Inc. taxes)

CELI & CILS exam prep

30 hours

Why Learn Italian?

Italian, the language of love, food, and music, has over 85 million speakers worldwide and has made its way to the list of most studied languages. It is an official language in four countries apart from Italy: the Republic of San Marino (which is actually a micro-state), southern Switzerland, four coastal municipalities of Slovenia, and the Istrian region of Croatia.

The good news is that learning Italian is relatively simple for English speakers. Many words in Italian are instantly familiar to English speakers given their common Latin origins. Italian is pronounced phonetically, making it relatively simple to learn to speak. It has fewer sounds than French and is pronounced the way it is written. Italian grammar is also similar to English grammar. 

We follow the CEFR curriculum for teaching Italian. We teach learners to communicate in Italian in real-life situations, obtaining listening, reading, writing, and speaking proficiency.

Along with the standard levels of A1 to C2, we have added a Beginner’s level to make learning a new language palatable for students. We also offer preparatory courses for CELI and CILS exams for those interested. 

For levels B2 and above, contact us for batches