Travel Chinese

Travelling to China, whether for business or pleasure, is a wonderful way to experience their culture first-hand, and is a valuable experience that adds an extra dimension to your outlook.

We offer the “Travel Chinese” programme to travel groups who plan to travel to China. This way, the travellers also get a chance to communicate with the locals besides being exposed to new sights and new food, and thus be able to establish a connection.

The “Travel Chinese” course can be as short as a 2 hour programme.

With its tones and written characters, Mandarin can be more challenging than other Western Languages. If you can master the tones and a few simple phrases, however, doors will open when you visit China, Taiwan, Singapore or Malaysia, making your visits all the more rewarding.

In this programme, we also provide you with a vocabulary list of traveling words and phrases will come in handy when you first arrive, and also for traveling around the country. We will also give you some dos and don’ts while in China.

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