The Oriental Dialogue

The Oriental Dialogue prides itself on being the best Chinese Language Institute in Pune.

What we cater to –

1. The need for speaking Mandarin Chinese. : AdobeStock_97883586_Females_LoResMany businessmen, professionals or their spouses come to us because they are either traveling to China or moving there. Our courses not only help them master the day-to-day language, but also the culture and the etiquette associated with it. We do this in an easy way starting from some words we already know about China, and taking it from there.  We also make use of the Devanagari (Hindi) script to make pronunciations easy.

2. Enhancing resumes: A big chunk of our student crowd are college-goers, who resume1aspire to do advanced studies here, or go abroad. We also come across many professionals who have many years of work experience yet want to make their resumes stronger. Adding Mandarin Chinese and HSK (International Certification) to their bio-data gives them a clear edge over the rest of the crowd.

3. Fuelling the hobby of languages & cultures: 7408-15A lot of our students are language & culture enthusiasts who have a remarkable exposure to the world of culture and languages. The sheer curiosity of the Chinese language brings them to us. The number of Chinese characters and the ideas behind them makes them fall head-over-heels for this language.


As an institute, we are flexible!Flexible

Our students come from varied backgrounds. Many of them have prior or unavoidable commitments like business travel, meetings, university exams, etc. We understand that they will miss some classes and to accommodate this, we have some flexible policies in place.
So in case you are missing classes or having other issues related to them, do let us know and we will help you out of the situation.


Our syllabus:

We believe that teaching the Chinese language to Indians is very easy. And that is because, as Indians, we are already bilingual or multilingual.

Chinese Made in IndiaWe teach in a way where we enable an Indian to speak with a Chinese in a Chinese way. We also make use of the Devanagari script to teach pronunciations and tones.

The course is designed to enable students SPEAK Chinese in the least amount of time.

We have a huge collection of audios, videos, flashcards, reading material, games, storybooks, songs – which makes learning Chinese a lot of fun!