Ravindra Jejurikar

I was on the lookout to learn Chinese (Mandarin) in Pune and I landed in the right place (ToD). I have enjoyed the past year (2017) leaning Mandarin and the experience has been an amazing. ToD has very good and enthusiastic teachers along with flexible schedules. The environment is very casual and friendly and they involve good set of audios, videos, games and skits to make learning more fun and exciting. The teachers have learnt the language in China and are well averse with local job opportunities as well as scholarships to Chinese universities and home-stay programs in China.
I had the opportunity to travel to China and was able to make simple conversions with the locals, which has been one of the reasons to learn the language. In addition, I also had an opportunity to attend a short summer course in Shanghai university (Shanghai JiaoTong Univ) and the learning at ToD had prepared me well to fit in a fast paced summer course. Travelling after knowing the local language makes it a very unique experience and the more fluent one is the more fun. I wish to continue learning further and wish to travel to China for a longer duration. I am really amazed with the Chinese culture as well as how well the country is organized. Its definitely a place to visit and one can learn and experience so many things. I would definitely encourage everyone to experience China. And toD is the right place to get started with Chinese. Good luck !!