16 hour – Survival Chinese Workshop

The 16-hour workshop is the most innovative programme of The Oriental Dialogue.

It is a language programme designed specially for Businessmen or Executive Employees who travel to China often, face the language barrier, but don’t have the time to learn a full-fledged foreign language course.

Understanding this requirement, we have designed a course which is a Spoken Chinese Course (along with a few useful charaters). This workshop uses Hindi and Devnagari extensively, and thereby learning this “foreign” language becomes extremely simple.

The 16 hour workshop focuses on conversations like making friends, ordering dishes at a restaurant, explaining “vegetarian” food, changing currency, buying tickets and other cultural insights about China like expressions, hand gestures, basic etiquette, road signs & introduction to a few characters. “Making your visit to China comfortable” is the aim of this workshop.

The topics covered are:

  • Introduction to the language

  • Characters

  • Pronouns

  • Chinese Sounds

  • Facts about the language

  • Important verbs

  • Numbers

  • Sentence Constructions

  • Days, Date & Time

  • Fixing an appointment

  • Geography of China and its importance in the language

  • Asking Directions

  • Tele- Conversation

  • Buying Tickets

  • At a Restaurant

  • Changing Currency at a Bank

  • Useful Signs in China

  • Travel in China

  • Cultural Insights