Our Team


Our Team

The Oriental Dialogue is a team of creative and energetic trainers who aim to make the 'Oriental' or 'East-Asian' languages easy for the learner. All of us have learnt and lived the languages we teach, and are very passionate about them.



Aditi Kothekar

Aditi (Wadnerkar) Kothekar is a language enthusiast who speaks about seven different languages. Her love for Mandarin Chinese took her to Soochow University, Suzhou, China where she completed her formal education in Mandarin Chinese. With an M.Com & MBA in hand, she wanted to pursue her hobby at work. She even quit a prestigious job at the State Bank of India to start teaching Mandarin Chinese – a language, then, a very few had even heard of.

Ms Kothekar has been associated with M/s Eaton Corporation, M/s John Deere and M/s Johnson Controls for their Corporate Mandarin Training. She has also worked closely with the Jinhua Government, Zhejiang Province in China for promoting their Historical Villages all over the world.

We believe in delivering a complete experience to our students and guiding them in every way possible. More so, our secret ingredient is passing the passion for the language & culture on to our students!

Akshata Kharote
Academic Coordinator & Mandarin Language Trainer
Prajakta Sharma
Associate / Mandarin Language Trainer
Shirin Raje
Business Development Manager
Ahana Saiyed
Mandarin Language Trainer
Deepa Khaladkarr
Mandarin Language Trainer
Rujuta Orpe
Mandarin Language Trainer
Sanhita Chandorkar
Mandarin Language Trainer
Apoorva Kulkarni
Content Writer