Our Courses

The framework of our courses is progressive.


We start with a BEGINNER’S COURSE, which is followed by LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, LEVEL 3, LEVEL 4, LEVEL 5 & LEVEL 6.

Each level is designed such that, at the end of each course, the Learner is also able to appear for corresponding International Certification Examination (HSK Examination).

To make it easier to understand, here is how your expression in Chinese will advance from Beginners to Level 1 to Level 2:

Beginner’s Level:

“I am going to Shanghai on Saturday, 12th of August.”

Level 1:

“I am going to Shanghai on Saturday, 12th of August, and after that I will be going to Beijing for four days.”

Level 2:

” I plan to go to China this Saturday. I will first travel to Shanghai and then go on a business trip to Beijing. I will then go on a leisure trip to Xi’an with a group of friends.”

After the completion of the Level 2 Course, the learner can choose to take up BUSINESS CHINESE.

Apart from these courses, we also conduct many different, innovative and short-term Workshops like