Our Courses

The framework of our courses is progressive.


We start with a BEGINNER’S COURSE, which is followed by LEVEL 1, LEVEL 2, LEVEL 3, LEVEL 4, LEVEL 5 & LEVEL 6.

Each level is designed such that, at the end of each course, the learner is also able to appear for corresponding International Certification Examination (HSK Examination).

To make it easier to understand, here is how your expression in Chinese will advance from Beginners to Level 1 to Level 2:

Beginner’s Level: (first 30 hours)

“I am going to Shanghai on Saturday, 12th of August.”

“I want a cup of coffee.”, “This is too expensive.”, “I want to go to the bank to exchange currency.”, “My mobile number is 9922863342. What is your mobile number & email address?”, “I am an Indian, and I am a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat, fish or eggs. I can eat carrots, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, all such vegetables.”

Level 1: (next 60 hours)

“I am going to Shanghai on Saturday, 12th of August, and after that, I will be going to Beijing for four days.”

You will also be able to read and write paragraphs like these in Chinese script:


After completing this level at The Oriental Dialogue, you will be eligible to take up the HSK Level 1.

Level 2: (next 60 hours)

” I plan to go to China this Saturday. I will first travel to Shanghai and then go on a business trip to Beijing. I will then go on a leisure trip to Xi’an with a group of friends.”


北京最好的季节是秋天。不刮风,也很少下雨,天气不冷不热,很舒服。“十一” 放假的时候很多人都来北京旅行。颐和园,长城,故宫这些有名的地方,人非常多。北京人不去这些地方玩儿,他们秋天最喜欢的地方时香山。向山里北京城中心不太远,交通很方便。香山红叶很多名,十一月的时候,山上的树叶都红了,非常好看。

At this level, you can easily appear for HSK Level 2.

After the completion of the Level 2 Course, the learner can also choose to take up Business Chinese Course.


Level 3: (120 hours)

Most of our students opt for Level 3 after Level 2. Level 3 is divided into Level 3 A and Level 3 B. Each of these is 60 hours, totaling to 120 hours for Level 3.

At the end of Level 3, your vocabulary of Chinese characters is up to 600 characters.

Level 3 is an intermediate level and a minimum requirement for many job applications.


Level 4: (120 hours)

Level 4 is an upper intermediate course and also have two parts like Level 3. The vocabulary count goes up to 1200 characters.

Level 4 opens up doors to one-year scholarships through Confucius Institutes. There are many job opportunities available for students who have completed this level.

Level 5 & 6: 

These are advanced courses and it takes about 6 months to prepare for these levels. The time frame completely depends on the learner and his abilities. We encourage our students to take up an opportunity to go to China before completing these levels. That way they are exposed to the real Chinese culture.