The current economic development in China and the job opportunities aligned to this are sky-rocketing regardless of the industry. Getting to know Chinese culture in a professional business setting and learning new industry-specific skills is an invaluable and incomparable opportunity for young professionals starting out.

Panda InternThere are many companies offering a variety of internship programmes in China. They range from being a part of the Giant Panda conservation team to teaching English in China to being Business Interns to doing an internship in law firms. There are also many Homestay Programmes which promise an immersion into the Chinese culture.

  1. Jinhua Homestay Project Programme: 14202509_1143314099076012_3352616413498765350_nThis is a project we recommend to all architecture students, design experts, and marketing students. More than 20 students from The Oriental Dialogue have participated in this project. It is an excellent opportunity for students to stay with a Chinese family in a village in China, and learn about Chinese traditional culture and witness the beauty of historical architecture. This is also a project and is the first stage in a plan to attract tourists from all over the world interested in traveling to historical villages and to introduce Jinhua’s villages to an international audience.So the participants can contribute by being a part of the publicity group/ e-commerce group/ products design group/ painting group/ landscape-design group. You can read more here.
  2. InternChina: This is a very famous portal for students wanting to do internships in China. Applicants from all over the world choose internships in various sectors ranging from shipbuilding to business management.
  3. AIESEC Volunteering: They offer many immersion programmes. Most of these are for teaching English in China. They also have programmes related to travel & tourism.
  4. Giant Panda Conservation: So you actually get to be up and close to the cute little Giant Pandas! Do check their dates before you are late!!
  5. CRCC Asia: This company also provides a lot of opportunities, and they have tie-ups with many universities, and also the British Council.