Ni Hao – 你好 !! Welcome to The Oriental Dialogue!

We help you learn the Chinese Language (Mandarin) in the best, and easiest way!

The Oriental Dialogue has continuous Weekend and Weekday Batches for learning Mandarin. We have two centres in Pune – one in Shivajinagar (opp Balgandharva) and one in Pimple Saudagar (on Kunal Icon Road). [Click here for the detailed addresses.]

If you want information on upcoming batches, Click Here!

To know about how we progress our sessions, Click Here.

Click here to read more about Chinese Language (Mandarin), and the best way to learn!

And, if you want to know more about The Oriental Dialogue, and how we help you learn Mandarin, our activities, click here!

Being a part of The Oriental Dialogue community means that you are accessible to a lot of information on International Certification Examinations (HSK),  Scholarship Opportunities to China, Home-Stay Opportunities in China, Colleges and Higher Education in China, Business Contacts in China, Cultural Exchange Programmes, many Workshops like Calligraphy, Business Culture & Etiquette Workshop, Survival Chinese Workshop, Spoken Chinese Workshop, etc. We also have a Chinese Movie Club called the “Chi-Mo” Club, where we screen Chinese movies which bring you closer to the Chinese Language & Culture. (We keep posting information on this, and much more on our Facebook Page: The Oriental Dialogue and our Facebook Group : Chinese Language Learners Pune. You are welcome to join us there!)

We also provide Group Training Sessions for Employees / Children at their convenient locations. Know more!

Also, Do browse through our Blogs to know more about the Chinese Culture!

To register / for any questions, do call us on +91 9922863342


  1. Wanted to know if there is any class for young kids. My 5 year old had started learning at 4 but after moving back to India havent found any class for this age group.


  2. My daughter is 4 years of age. I would like her to join a class for mandarin. Where is the institute located and what are the fees. We are residing in kharadi. Arijay


    1. Hi Raghavendra,
      The opportunities are endless. However, on a shallow basis, Interpretations, Translations, Trainings and Language Support are the common requirements. Industries ranging from Gaming Technology, Robotics, Heavy Engineeing, Metallurgical to Pharmaceutical, all require Mandarin Chinese expertise. Do follow us on our facebook page – The oriental Dialogue and our facebook group The Oriental Dialogue – Chinese Language Learners Pune to keep yourself updated with the job requirements.

      Best Regards.


  3. Do you provide any certificate for beginners course?
    And is there any other extra charges apart from fee of Rs. 8000 like for books or any activity for beginners after joining course?


  4. Hello, I am interested in learning Mandarin asap. Could you tell me when will the next beginners’ batch commence? And, also I have just relocated to Pune and not well versed in Marathi. Will knowledge of Hindi do as I am fluent in it? Regards!


  5. Hi, please let me know if I have to register for Biginners/L1 and L2 separately. Is it okay to register for only L2 which can cover all the levels? When is the next batch starting in Nov end or Dec?


    1. Hello Asif,

      If you have no prior knowledge from Mandarin, you need to start from Beginners batch, then L1 and the L2.
      There is a progression at each level. The next batch is starting on 22nd Jan ( weekday ) and 10th Feb ( weekend ).



  6. I’d like to join the beginner’s batch but looks like I missed both the batches. Are there any new batches coming up? I’m 18 year old.


    1. Hello Bhoomi,

      We have students starting from 10 years old to 72 years old. So age is not a limitation for learning any language atleast not for Mandarin.

      We have our next batch starting on 22nd Jan ( weekday batch ) and 10th Feb ( weekend batch ).



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