Corporate Training Program

Corporate Training Programs

At The Oriental Dialogue, we conduct workshops for groups of corporate professionals, which are tailored to meet specific learning requirements.

For professionals travelling to China or Korea: When professionals travel to China or Korea for work, business is conducted in English or in Chinese/Korean with an interpreter. However, outside of the office, it is necessary to know a few important language skills that come in handy. This workshop teaches how to conduct negotiations in China or Korea, culture norms and etiquettes expected, and basic skills required to travel without an interpreter outside of work.

For Indians who communicate with Chinese or Korean counterparts: Often, professionals in India are tasked with communicating with their Chinese/Korean counterparts. This leaves a communication gap even when done in English, since the Chinese and Korean have a different method than the one we are used to. This workshop covers small talk in Chinese or Korean, holding simple conversations, decoding emails sent from China/Korea, writing emails to China/Korea, and bridging other communication gaps.

For professionals moving to China or Korea: This workshop is aimed towards corporate professionals who need to move to China or Korea for longer periods of time, often with their families. It covers language skills required in everyday life, cultural norms and etiquettes, and information about schools and healthcare systems.

For sector specific training: In technical fields, complete knowledge of the language is not required. Professionals only need to be able to read and understand specific vocabulary that relates to their fields. This workshop teaches vocabulary commonly used for specific technical fields.

To enquire and schedule a workshop at your company, get in touch with us.

Success Stories

The training was arranged for mid-level management group who wanted to travel to China. The training included cultural etiquette and language coaching. The 16 hour program helped the group to overcome the language barrier and communicate their ideas clearly with their Chinese counterpart.

Johnson Controls

Basic Orientation Program

The engineering team from Bosch had planned a visit to Suzhou, China. For this assignment, the group needed help with Mandarin and few cultural aspects. We had a 60 hour classroom training and at the end of it the candidates were ready to appear for the International Level Examination of Chinese Language ( HSK 1 ).

Bosch Chassis

Intensive Course

This group deals with patents which are submitted in the field of organic chemistry. Many of these applications were in Mandarin. They wanted to understand the language aspect in the patent application and search for prior knowledge available. The trainer went through organic chemistry lessons and then taught the candidates about scientific terms and application aspects in Mandarin. This was one-off assignments where the trainer needed deeper domain knowledge about Organic chemistry.

Sci-Edge Abstracts

Advanced Course


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