Corporate Training Program

Corporate Training Programs

The Oriental Dialogue offers specialized corporate training programs for companies who work closely with China for trade or investments.

These trainings are designed to help professionals in quickly mastering the basics of the Mandarin language and aid them in their interactions with Chinese corporates.

We provide effective and efficient solutions to language training requirements of corporates. Our teachers are ready to conduct such Corporate Training Assignments at the company's premises. The courses can also be tailor-made for the organization.

Some of our Corporate Clients include:

1. John Deere

2. Jabil India

3. Bosch Chassis

4. Expert Global

5. Yoozoo Games

6. SciEdge Information

7. Yanfeng Automotive

8. Times of India NIE

9. Jumpstart Preschools

10. Seed Infotech


12. Ratnarup Projects

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Our Courses

Basic Orientation Program

Cultural Acquaintance & Basic Spoken Language

8 hours course

Advanced Orientation Program

An extended program with additional know-hows

16 hours course

Intensive Course

A Complete Business-Oriented Language & Culture Program

60 hours course

Advanced Course

Tailor-made, Industry-Oriented Program

90 hours course

Success Stories

The training was arranged for mid-level management group who wanted to travel to China. The training included cultural etiquette and language coaching. The 16 hour program helped the group to overcome the language barrier and communicate their ideas clearly with their Chinese counterpart.

Johnson Controls

Basic Orientation Program

The engineering team from Bosch had planned a visit to Suzhou, China. For this assignment, the group needed help with Mandarin and few cultural aspects. We had a 60 hour classroom training and at the end of it the candidates were ready to appear for the International Level Examination of Chinese Language ( HSK 1 ).

Bosch Chassis

Intensive Course

This group deals with patents which are submitted in the field of organic chemistry. Many of these applications were in Mandarin. They wanted to understand the language aspect in the patent application and search for prior knowledge available. The trainer went through organic chemistry lessons and then taught the candidates about scientific terms and application aspects in Mandarin. This was one-off assignments where the trainer needed deeper domain knowledge about Organic chemistry.

Sci-Edge Abstracts

Advanced Course


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