Our new logo!


Big news!

Today, after six years, we are releasing a new brand identity which includes a new logo, colours and font. You’ll see the new look anywhere we’re out in public, like our website, Facebook page & group, Twitter LinkedIn and Google.

We believe the new look better matches what we’ve become since 2013: an institute which makes language learning simpler, accessible, approachable and convenient!

With the symbol of 東 (traditional chinese character for ‘dong’ meaning east / oriental) being introduced prominently in our logo, we look forward to adding more Oriental languages or ‘Eastern’ languages to our kitty. The next two languages that you will see coming up soon will Japanese and Korean.japanese lantern

The logo also brings in the look of a traditional lantern which has a close association with the East-Asian culture.

And most importantly, we focus on ‘Dialogue’, thereby helping our students pick up the everyday spoken language first and then move on to experience the magic of the script.

We hope you like this new look and feel for The Oriental Dialogue!

Look out for more updates—like a brand-new website—as we continue to grow bigger and stronger!

bold new look!

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