Intensive Summer Course for Chinese language

The 90-hour Intensive Summer Course at The Oriental Dialogue is a batch designed to help students learn Mandarin Chinese at the fastest pace possible. This batch will ensure that you learn enough Chinese this vacation to actually appear for your first level of an International Level Certification Exam (HSK)!

Make new friends, learn new things, party with chopsticks, green tea and a lot of Chinese food, learn the etiquette and the culture!

When is it? : 9th April to 18th May 2018, from Monday to Friday, 12PM to 3PM

What will I learn? 

In the Beginner’s Level: (first 30 hours)

You will be learning the basics of Chinese pronunciations, characters, tones, and the usage. You will also be learning to introduce yourself, your family, your likes, and dislikes, numbers, days, dates, time, how to express what you want to eat and what not, your profession, how to exchange currency at a bank, buying things, being a vegetarian in China, etc. The typical kind of sentences that you will be able to speak at the end of the Beginner’s level are:

“I am going to Shanghai on Saturday, 12th of August.”

“I want a cup of coffee.”, “This is too expensive.”, “I want to go to te bank to exchange currency.”, “My mobile number is 9922863342. What is your mobile number & email address?”, “I am an Indian, and I am a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat, fish or eggs. I can eat carrots, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, all such vegetables.”

You will also be introduced to about 50 Chinese characters, their meanings and how they are written. Apart from this, you will also be learning about the economy in China, general geography, history, culture & etiquette.


Level 1: (next 60 hours)

Here, you will start learning to read whole lessons in Chinese characters. You will learn how sentences are to be formulated, and the kind of phrases that are used in everyday life. The type of sentence length at this level is:

“I am going to Shanghai on Saturday, 12th of August, and after that, I will be going to Beijing for four days.”

You will also be able to read and write paragraphs like these in Chinese script:


After completing this level at The Oriental Dialogue, you will be eligible to take up the HSK Level 1.

How do I register?

Please fill this form ( ) and contact Ms.Aditi Kothekar (9922863342) to complete the formalities.

If you wish to visit the institute to get a feel of the place, you are welcome to do so by calling Ms. Aditi and asking for the availability.



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