Mandarin Chinese for strategy

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg,  and President Trump’s grand-daughter Arabella Kushner!

Mark Zuckerberg shocked the world with his courage to get up in front of a crowd and answer a 30-minute interview in Mandarin Chinese. Why would the incredibly wealthy, extremely busy leader of one of the world’s most successful companies dedicate hours of his time on a daily basis to language learning? When asked, he gave three reasons: His wife is Chinese, he’s interested in Chinese culture and he likes a challenge.

It’s no secret that Facebook wants into China in a bad way. The market is just too large and too ripe to be ignored, regardless of the obstacles the company faces. And understanding the ‘Chinese culture’ is a key to understanding the ‘Chinese market’ – a dream of any businessman who wants an access to 1/4th of the world population. Today, learning Mandarin is one of the activities that offer the greatest return on investment.

Arabella Kushner, in her own way, helped her grandfather President Donald Trump gain a situation over President Xi Jinping. In a move to woo over Xi, Trump forced the leader of China to watch a video on his iPad of Arabella singing in Mandarin. Arabella dedicates the video to “Grandpa Xi” and “Grandma Peng” (Xi’s wife). Xi gives the video an “A+” while Trump states, “Very good right? She’s very smart.”

“Arabella as a small messenger of Sino-American friendship is deeply loved by the Chinese people. I believe it will also help to narrow the feelings and distance between the peoples of China and the United States,” China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in an interview.

They may not be as famous as Mark Zuckerberg, but there are many Indian Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, and Executives who invest their own time and money into learning about this language, culture, and the market as they believe that it will pay off in a long run.

The trade between India and China stood at $71.5 billion in 2016-2017. There are about 17 flights that operate between Mumbai and Shanghai every day, and they go packed with Businessmen and travelers. It is not necessary that each of these travelers must speak Mandarin Chinese – people in Shanghai do speak English. There are also interpreters with excellent English skills available in China. It is just that your Chinese colleagues and business partners are sure to notice and appreciate your efforts to bridge the cultural and communication gap, creating better business relations between you!



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