Pune talks Business, in Mandarin Chinese!

As one of the largest cities in India, Pune is fast emerging as a prominent location for the IT and Manufacturing Sectors.

A large number of engineering, electronic and electrical industries have set up their base here. It has become an investment destination for countries like Germany, Japan, Korea and France. Likewise, many Chinese firms have also opted to carry the “Made in India” tag, and are setting up huge facilities here, in Pune.

Thus, a host of opportunities, from transcription to interpretation, await Punekars who can speak the Chinese Language.

Today, learning the Chinese Language (Mandarin) not only provides career opportunities, but also opens one’s door to travel opportunities. People across Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Laos speak Chinese. No wonder, it is the most spoken language in the world.

Business firms all across the globe, trade with the Chinese. This means, such businessmen either have to make frequent trips to China or host their Chinese partners in India. In both these cases, it is important for the businessmen to know the Chinese language and their culture.

And yes, the Chinese are learning English. But not all Chinese. China is a very big country and is the biggest market in the world. To tap this market, most countries are learning Chinese.

We, as Indians are used to learning new languages. Every Indian on an average can speak 2 – 3 languages. Our brain is comfortable to the concept of learning a new language. Picking up a language like Chinese makes you an asset to industries which need to communicate with the East Asian Countries on a frequent basis.

Scope of Mandarin Chinese

The need for Indians to learn Chinese couldn’t have been greater than it is today. China is well emerging as India’s largest trading partner, surpassing the other countries. The Chinese Economy is also growing strong by the day, and is very promising.

It is not only trade, but also travel – that is encouraging enthusiasts to learn Chinese. China as a country is three times the size of India, and displays a collage of Architecture, Culture and History. The “Far-East” is soon becoming a major destination for Travel.

Medical Education in China, is a sought-after option for many students. Medical Technology & Facilities are among the best known, and hence the choice.

Even career-wise, learning Mandarin Chinese has a wide scope. Mastering Mandarin will enhance your CV/resume for future employers. Being able to speak Chinese in a working environment will certainly give you a competitive edge.

A lot of Indian Businessmen travel to China. However for them, communication is a barrier. The ways of the Chinese and their etiquette have a great impact on the negotiation. It is important for such Businessmen to learn their language along with their culture and then venture in to China.


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