10 Chinese words you already know!


1. Chow mein – Comes from “chǎo” which means ‘to fry’ and “miàn” which means ‘noodles’. Pronounced as “छाओ मीयेन”

2. Hakka – is an area in the southern part of China.

3. Schezuan – Comes from a Province called “Si  Chuan” or “स छुआन” in China.

4. Feng Shui – “fēng” फंग is wind or air and “shuǐ”  शोई  is water. So a place with abundant feng and shui is good!

5. Kung fu – “gong fù” or “कुंग फू” is a skill, therefore a martial art.

6. Tai chi –  “tài jí” pronounced as थाई च्यी means “Ultimate”

7. Tao (ism) – comes from Dao pronounced ताओ which means “Way”

8. Tofu – This words comes from “dòu fǔ” pronounced as “तौ फू”  meaning literally “Bean Curd”

9. Lychee – The fruit is called “lì zhī” in Chinese and that’s how it got it’s English name.

10. Coolie – This word is also Chinese. “kǔ lì” means “bitter labour”


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