Chinese Language

Chinese Language

Chinese Language

The Chinese language (Mandarin) is claimed to be the most spoken language with more than 1 billion speakers all over the world. It is the official language of China, which is the second largest economy in the world. Chinese is also one of the working languages of the United Nations and is a significant language in countries like Australia and Canada.

Being one of the biggest market in the world, China offers abundant opportunities, and the Chinese language is the most sought-after foreign language option across the world.

Mandarin Chinese uses Simplified Characters called 'Hanzi' which are like logos. The language also has 5 tones to it. In spite of this, the language can be called "easy" as there is minimal grammar with no conjugations, no tenses, no plurals. The sentence construction is very logical and straight-forward.

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Our Courses


Basic Level; Focus on Spoken Chinese and 'Survival' Chinese, Ask & Answer basic questions, Introduction to Reading & Writing approx 50 Chinese Characters. A lot of cultural insights and etiquette training.

30 hours course

₹ 8,000/-

You can communicate your basic needs easily when you go to China.

Level 1

A detailed course, with focus on different ways of making sentences, asking questions, learning up to 200 chinese characters. Preparations & Paper Solving: HSK Level 1. Songs, Movies, Experiential Learning, Calligraphy, Using Chinese Dictionary, Origami & Paper Cutting

60 hours course

₹ 12,000/-

You can apply for International Level Exam HSK 1

Level 2

Understanding of the language with intricacies, the focus is on right sentence constructions, patterns, and communicating complex situations. Learn up to 350 Chinese characters. Preparations & Paper Solving: HSK Level 2. Playing Chinese Chess, Chinese Diversity, Cities in China and their Business Clusters

60 hours course

₹ 12,000/-

You can apply for International Level Exam HSK 2 and other Summer Programs

Level 3

There are 2 levels - 3A & 3B, each of 60 hours. This is an in-depth study of the language and one becomes fluent in speaking, reading and writing. Essay writing and basic level translations, along with Level 3 Exam preparation and paper solving.

120 hours course

₹ 24,000/-

You can apply for International Level Exam HSK 3 and apply for 6-month scholarships in China / apply for jobs

Level 4

Level 4 A & 4 B are intensive courses and one is able to use idioms in the language, fluency increases. Converse easily with native Chinese on a wide range of topics. Preparations & Paper Solving: HSK Level 4.

120 hours course

₹ 24,000/-

You can apply for International Level Exam HSK 4 and apply for one-year scholarships in China / apply for jobs

Level 5

Level 5 A, 5 B & 5 C are advanced courses in the language and give a native-like proficiency. Read Chinese newspapers and magazines, enjoy Chinese films and plays, and give a full-length speech in Chinese.

180 hours course

₹ 36,000/-

You can apply for International Level Exam HSK 5 and apply for three-year scholarships in China / apply for jobs

Level 6

Level 6 A, 6 B & 6 C are the last-level advanced courses in the language and one can easily comprehend written and spoken information in Chinese and can effectively express themselves in Chinese, both orally and on paper.

180 hours course


Success Stories

While preparing for the Company Secretary examination, Ms. Riya took up to learning Mandarin Chinese. At that time, she had just started with her first year B.A. Economics. By the end of her third year, she had not only completed four levels of Chinese, but had also completed a Home-stay programme, a Summer Programme in Shanghai. She was also awarded one year fully-paid scholarship to Zhengzhou University, China.

Riya Chandan


Mr. Kiran is an Engineer who was looking for a job when he came across learning Mandarin Chinese as an additional skill set. He learnt Mandarin at The Oriental Dialogue. He has completed three levels when he was offered a job at a company in Pune. He worked there for year, and pursued learning Chinese. He was also selected for a one-year full paid scholarship. He has now travelled across China and carries with him a boundless experience. When back in India, he can start working with a company, start his own business or even work as an Interpreter.

Kiran Pachpute


Ms. Veena Balla who worked with an IT company wished for a change in her career. She took up the Chinese Mandarin and completed four levels. She immediately secured another job at a multinational company in Pune. Hers is now a key-job role where she coordinates the Chinese counterparts on a daily basis.

Veena Balla